he Pearl


From our beginnings, life’s elements push against us

Often just an irritant, a grain of sand, a speck of dust


Other times it comes a painful blow against our tender skin

And makes us wonder if the hurt will ever truly mend


But salient lessons learned from Mother Nature’s kind

Are the things we need to hear to surely ease our mind


Though its shell of life is battered bout and evil things around it swirl

It takes those grains and harbored threats and turns them into

a Pearl 


~ swh

Pearl's Place is staffed with a group of internationally trained therapists. They have studied with experts in the counseling field in Argentina, China, London, Moscow and New York. They are able to draw on a wide range of counseling theories and techniques when working with individuals, couples, and families.  


All of the Pearl's Place staff are dedicated to providing you with the caring assistance you need. And... just like the The Pearl ... help you find that precious gift inside.


Photo Gallery: A tour through our practice